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Our Mission

The Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association (ERICSA) builds a stronger interstate child support community by developing and advocating effective policy, facilitating communication and delivering innovative professional training in order to enhance the well-being of families.


A special focus of ERICSA is to improve communication and cooperation among states and jurisdictions for the interstate enforcement of child support obligations.

Traditionally, ERICSA brings together child support professionals from government and private agencies, the courts, and public and private attorneys from thirty-five states and territories bordering on and east of the Mississippi River, as well as several tribal nations.

Attendees to our annual training conference share expertise, shape reforms in support enforcement systems, and advance the knowledge of all persons actively participating in the establishment and enforcement of support obligations.

As the need for sound training for support professionals increases, and state and federal resources for such training diminish, ERICSA has become well known for its effectiveness as a training organization. Conference registration is limited to 350-450 people each year to ensure that attendees enjoy ample hands-on learning and interaction with their peers. Nationally recognized experts join us each year in general sessions and small work groups, and provide basic information and techniques for locating absent parents, establishing and enforcing support obligations, and meeting the special challenges of interstate enforcement.


There are two ways you can become a member or renew your existing membership in ERICSA. One, by attending the annual conference which enrolls (or renews) you as a member until the next annual conference. Or two, if you are unable to attend the conference you may fill out the form to become a member or renew your exhisting membership and remit a $25 payment. Both methods entitle you to all the member benefits.

In order to be eligible for membership you must be a public officer representing federal, state and local jurisdictions in the establishment and enforcement of child support obligations, a private practitioner, an individual from the private sector, or any other person who, by your profession or interest, are involved in the child support program.

There are many benefits to being a member of ERICSA. In addition to the annual conference, our new website provides resources for child support professionals. As a member of ERICSA, you have the opportunity to join several committees that explore different aspects of the child support community and will give you the opportunity to network, learn and converse with other professionals with varying experiences to expand your expertise and knowledge.