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About Us

ERICSA Mission Statement

To build a stronger intergovernmental child support community and to enhance the well-being of families and children by advocating for effective child support policy, facilitating intergovernmental communication, and delivering professional child support training.


The Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association (ERICSA) is comprised of child support professionals at the federal, state and local levels from the public and private sectors. All members of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Honorary Board are dues- paying members of the organization and volunteer their time to:

  • Organize an annual training conference
  • Ensure effective implementation of federal and state family support laws
  • Recommend changes to family support legislation and regulations
  • Improve communication and cooperation between states to enhance interstate case processing.

ERICSA also recognizes Life Members, former Board members who have served their terms, but wish to remain a part of the organization. Through Honorary Resolutions, ERICSA recognizes individuals who have supported ERICSA and the child support program.

ERICSA Board of Directors