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Committee Descriptions

ERICSA has several committees that members can choose to join not only to learn more about other jurisdictions but also to become a more active member of ERICSA and the child support community. Below are descriptions of the committees and a committee interest form.  

Resolutions & Bylaws Committee​

The Resolutions and Bylaws Committee receives, considers, and drafts proposed resolutions; reviews the bylaws of the Association annually and reports to the Board at its mid-year meeting the results of its review; and, as necessary, solicits recommended changes to the bylaws and draft amendments to the bylaws in accordance with such recommendations.

Proposed resolutions shall be submitted to the Association for adoption by the Association at its annual meeting or, if the resolution must be acted upon between regular annual meetings the Board of direcotrs may approve pursuant to the bylaws. The committee submits in advance to the Board of directors any proposed amendments to the bylaws of the association for consideration, comment, and evaluation in advance of any meeting at which such revisions may be reported or voted upon.

The committee also collects proposed changes to the handbook to be submitted to the executive committee for approval. The committee chair then submits the approved handbook to the chair of the Technology Committee.This committee is comprised of current Board members.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for examining the financial records of the association and determining whether the association is staying on track with its expenditures, and whether there are ways the committee can identify cost-saving mechanisms to be put in place. The committee acts as an internal check on the financial well-being of the association and can request an independent review of the records if need be. Prior to the Mid-Year Board meeting and the Annual Meeting, the reviews are completed and shared with the Board. This committee is comprised of current Board members.

Conference Planning Committee

The Conference Planning Committee conducts a planning meeting in the fall at the site of the future annual conference. During this onsite meeting the committee selects the conference theme and artwork, reviews, selects and determines the structure of the workshops, assigns tasks to coordinate the ongoing preparation of workshops including: CLE credits, speakers, AV needs, conference materials, etc.

Integovernmental Improvement Committee

The Intergovernmental Improvement Committee issues statements and recommendations to the Board on matters involving statutes, judicial decisions, procedures and such other matters that come to its attention. It also disseminates information, through our web site, designed to assist our members in the performance of their duties involving intergovernmental issues.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations committee solicits potential Officers and Board Members from the membership. All of the potential candidates are then reviewed by the committee with recommendations being presented to the Executive Committee. The slate of officers is approved by the Executive Committee and then presented to the full board at the annual meeting. Once approved, that slate of officers is presented to the membership for voting at the annual membership meeting which is held at the end of the annual conference. This committee is comprised of current Board members.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee assists the Treasurer by carrying out the financial business of the Association, including making investment recommendations and reviewing the long-term financial health of the Association. Other items the committee assists with include development of the annual budget, strategic planning activities that are budget and finance related, and review and make recommendations as to the financial status to the Board.This committee is comprised of current and past Board members.

Archives Committee

The Archives Committee is responsible for establishing an official archive collection. It is tasked with administering the collection, management, preservation, and retrieval of the archives. The Committee also maintains a plan for and the management of an electronic, preservation system for the archives. It gathers, organizes, and maintains documents and information which relates to the historical perspective and development of ERICSA. Finally, the committee updates and, as appropriate, displays information at the Annual ERICSA Conference.

Exhibitors & Sponsors Committee​

The Exhibitors and Sponsors Committee cultivates relationships with exhibitors and sponsors who support the mission of ERICSA and solicit their membership and sponsorship of activities of the Association. The committee is also responsible for organizing and coordinating the charity fundraiser held during the annual conference.

The committee obtains exhibitors and sponsors support for the annual conference through exhibits, sponsorships, and advertising. Coordinates recognition of exhibitors and sponsors at the annual conference, as well as in the conference brochure, notebook, and on the Web site.

Policy and Legislation Committee

The Policy and Legislation Committee analyzes and provides comments and recommended responses to the Board on current or proposed legislation, regulation, or policy. The committee also drafts proposed policy statements, position papers, and fact sheets to support legislative or policy initiatives.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee conducts an annual review of the goals, mission, and plans for ERICSA, coordinates status updates from committee chairs on strategic planning assignments, makes recommendations to the Board regarding updates to the plan.This committee is comprised of current Board members.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is responsible for the technological needs of ERICSA by maintaining the website, researching technological prices and needs as directed by the Executive Committee. Throughout the year, we ensure that the website is up to date in content, security and that members have easy access to resources and conference information.

Onsite Coordinating Committee

The Onsite Coordinating Committee is responsible the coordination for all onsite activities during the conference. Some examples of onsite activities that are planned and the committee is responsible for include food and beverage, off site activities, volunteer coordination, and many more. This committee is especially active around the upcoming conference time period.

Site Selection Committee

The Site Selection Committee researches potential conference sites with the assistance of the Conference Planner. Typically sites are vetted two to three years in advance. All work is done via conference calls primarly in late summer and early fall each year. Priorities focus on the location, hotel amenities, pricing, and IV-D support.

Recognitions Committee

The Recognitions Committee is responsible for obtaining and reviewing nominations for the Professional Excellence Awards that are awarded annually at the ERICSA conference.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for getting out the ERICSA message to our members through our ERICSA Times Newsletter, social media outlets and email bursts. This committee meets monthly to brainstorm new ideas on how to get information out to our members and share information throughout the child support community. 

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for obtaining and reviewing nominations for the Scholarships given to eligible child support workers who are making an impact in the child support community they represent. The Scholarships are awarded annually at the ERICSA conference. There are two full-ride scholarships awarded each year for child support professionals that have never attended ERICSA.  

Fill out the committee interest form to let us know how you would like to get involved with ERICSA.