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Case Law Updates

Welcome to ERICSA’s Case Law Updates site. Here you will find summaries of the most recent court rulings and judicial decisions that impact areas surrounding paternity and interstate child support law. These summaries are meant to help educate child support employees and attorneys, and guide your legal research on important child support issues in the right direction.

ERICSA encourages you to use this site and the listed summaries of recent cases as a helpful “jumping off” point. This information is not an adequate substitute for conducting your own legal research in a law library or on Nexus/Lexis and/or Westlaw, and using the Shepard’s digest to check the validity of any cases you wish to use in a legal brief or memorandum to be filed in court.

We welcome your feedback, and please contact ERICSA if you know of any additional recent legal decisions impacting child support law you believe should be included on this website.