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Pat Quinn Tribute and DRAP Donation

Patrick W. Quinn, who for decades had furthered the causes of children – to level the playing field for the disadvantaged ones, to raise the poorer ones out of the poverty to which they were born, to find justice for the oppressed ones – unexpectedly passed away.

Pat Quinn was not only involved in ERICSA and NCSEA he was an active member of DRAP (Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania) for a number of years. Pat was very proud of the work performed by DRAP and the child support offices in Pennsylvania. No matter where he went he talked about the great child support workers in Pennsylvania.

DRAP has a Scholarship Program that awards scholarships to the children of child support workers who are seeking post secondary education. ERICSA is honoring Pat by making a donation to the Scholarship Program. Three of Pat’s children received scholarships through this program. If you would like to donate to this program, see the information below.

Checks can be sent to:

c/o Philadelphia Family Court
1501 Arch Street, Suite 1522
Philadelphia, PA  19102
Attn:  Sari Love

Also in the MEMO field on the check please note “In Memory of Patrick Quinn”.

Make an online donation: