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2021 Conference Charities

Please help us support our past charities this year during ERICSA On The Road Again, A Virtual Road Trip. You will have an opportunity to select one or more charities from past years so that you can contribute to their work.

Kids In The Middle (KITM)

In 2017 ERICSA raised $9,560 for Kids In The Middle (KITM).

Our Mission: 

Kids In The Middle (KITM) is a nonprofit agency that empowers children, parents and families during and after divorce through counseling, education and support. 


Kids In The Middle (KITM) helps families transition to a new way of life before, during, and after separation and divorce for the sake of creating healthier futures for all involved. Our services focus on providing support and opportunities to help them achieve goals and step into a healthy, balanced future. 

KITM is a nationally accredited agency specializing in providing services that are unavailable elsewhere in the greater St. Louis region. KITM has been providing counseling, education, and support to children and families successfully since 1977. 

KITM is also unique regarding our privacy and confidentiality policy. We do not release case records with specific information regarding counseling services. Our confidentiality policy allows the therapists to be there for the children and remain a neutral party. This approach ensures that the children and their families have a safe, confidential, and nurturing environment to work through their feelings. 

KITM has made a promise to the community to never turn a family away due to an inability to pay for counseling services. Through the generosity of donors like you, every child experiencing the trauma of difficult family transitions receives much-needed counseling services at Kids In The Middle. 

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Mission Video

Contact info: 
For more information about Kids In The Middle, ways to give, or to get involved, contact: 
Brittni Snidle 
Director of Marketing & Development 
(314) 909-9922 ext 1004 A


Food Brings Hope, Inc.

At the 2018 ERICSA conference we raised $8,863.86 for Food Brings Hope, Inc., a local charity in Daytona Florida established in 2007. 


Food Brings Hope Inc., founded in 2007 by local businesswoman and philanthropist, Forough B. Hosseini, is a501(c)3 public charity dedicated to providing collaborative solutions for families with children who experiencehardships due to homelessness, poverty, or unfamiliarity with community resources. Unfortunately, there are more than 2,000 homeless children attending Volusia County Schools, as well as over 600 in Flagler County Schools.

Hope for our community’s children depends on our capacity to nurture the body, mind and spirit of them whilemeeting their most basic needs, giving every child the opportunity to discover their full potential. We currently serve over 1,700 students in 30 schools in our afterschool KidsZone, TeenZone and FBHonors programs.

Food Bring Hope appreciates the continued support of ERICSA. Your generosity allowed us to expand programs and helped provide over 375 food bags weekly to our KidsZone, TeenZone and FBHonors students and their families.

Visit our website at and like our FacebookPage To donate to Food BringsHope, please use the DONATE link below. Thank you!

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Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club

We visited and supported the Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club in 2019.

We presented Rebecca Vincheski the Chief Professional Development Office a check for $9,075.72 plus an additional $305.00 donated directly to the club by our attendees. No one will ever forget the dunk tank to raise money.

From Rebecca Vincheski:

Last year was filled with unknowns, fears and anxiety. But in this world of turmoil, the Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club was able to adapt and provide a safe, consistent, fun, educational space for hundreds of children. In March 2020, when COVID-19 struck our community, many families throughout Niagara County, NY were forced to dramatically alter their personal and professional lives. As this unprecedented pandemic hit, the Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club – a place that many of our region’s children call home – was able to step in and help families when they needed it most. On March 23rd, the doors at our 17th Street Clubhouse opened to provide a free, full day childcare program for essential workers. We changed our hours of operation to be open from 7am to 7pm, seven days a week for our community’s essential employees. Our staff worked hard to build and plan activities and program schedules that balanced the need for social distancing but allowed for the kids to have fun, social interaction and a sense of normalcy.

This past summer, in partnership with the City of Niagara Falls, we expanded our reach and ran 2 full day 9 week summer camp programs and added a chef to our staff who makes delicious, healthy meals and snacks as well as teaches our kids about food and gets them excited about trying new meals and treats.

The school year bought additional challenges but through the creativity of our staff and the School District we built a program design that would fit any parent’s needs. Every day our building was constantly filled with the sounds of laughter and kids learning and having fun and it was all possible because of the generosity of many of you.

As the pandemic continues, we will continue to provide services to meet the needs of the community. We do not know for certain what we will face but whatever 2021 brings, we know our children need to continue to learn, grow and thrive. The Staff at the Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club stand ready to play an integral role in our City’s continued response to serving our children, teens and families and we hope you all will continue to stand with us.

The Niagara Falls Boys & Girls Club strives to provide an accessible and affordable option for high quality childcare. All school aged kids are welcome to the club, no matter their background or financial status. We stand ready to do Whatever it Takes to make sure our children, teens and City does not just survive this pandemic but thrives. It is the unwavering support we receive that enables us to continue carrying out our mission. Without gifts from individuals like you, we would not be able to provide these critical services for so many kids, teens and families throughout the Niagara Falls, NY region. Thanks to you, our Club is here to nourish young lives with more than food and academics.

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