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In Memoriam Patrick W. Quinn


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On March 20, 2021, the children of the world lost their best Champion they will never know.

Patrick W. Quinn, who for decades had furthered the causes of children – to level the playing field for the disadvantaged ones, to raise the poorer ones out of the poverty to which they were born, to find justice for the oppressed ones – unexpectedly passed away.

In his long career as a child support professional, often being in charge of other child support professionals, from his early days in Pennsylvania as DRAP president, through his years on various legislative commissions, panels, boards and presidencies at ERICSA and NCSEA, Patrick was a presence unlike any we’ve ever known.

You could easily disagree with him when you first heard him speak. He was raspingly annoying. But as he wended his way through his thought processes, if you still disagreed with him, he would make you think you needed to go back and either check your facts, or check your character.

Patrick had a photographic memory of every legislative word he ever read so that he could with laser-like precision dissect any statute, regulation or proposed bill and tell the rest of us why a word or section or entire law was inconsistent, illegal or just plain wrong.

He was our children’s hero, but he had no cape. Instead, he wore a baseball cap. EVERYWHERE! I think those of us who knew him will forever picture our hero in a ball cap.

Patrick’s early passing broke our hearts. In all the decades we have known him, we NEVER could let our minds imagine a world without him. And frankly, in our mourning, we still can’t.

And perhaps that is simply because he could never leave us. He has given us such a great body of his work to build on. (We will ALWAYS have Patrick memories!) And the cause he believed in so deeply needs us more than ever! He will be with us for as long as we believe in the children he championed!

Let’s get to work!