Patterson Poulson - Honorary Board Member

Case and Order Establishment Process Manager
Florida Dept. of Revenue Child Support Program
Mail Stop 2-4440
5050 W. Tennessee St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0178
Business: (850) 617-8216

Patterson Poulson is the Establishment Process Manager for the Florida Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement Program responsible for the paternity and support establishment functions for the state. Prior to this she was the Tallahassee Regional Manager for Florida CSE, responsible for 12 offices covering 29 counties. Prior to that she was a Senior Consultant for DynTek, Inc. where she specialized in the areas of interstate child support and customer service.

Patterson started her child support career as an Investigator with the Hawaii Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Enforcement Agency in 1990. She returned home to Florida and began working for the Florida IV-D agency in 1990 where she served in several capacities: Interstate Central Registry; Customer Service; Policy, Monitoring and Training; and was Administrator for the policy, procedure and rules section prior to leaving the state for the private sector.

Patterson has a BA and MPA from the Florida State University. She is has been a member of the ERICSA board since 1999.