John Graham - Life Association Member

3503 Warwick Court
Moon Township, PA 15108
Phone: (412) 375-7107

John Graham served as the Director of the Domestic Relations Section of the Court of Common Pleas, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania from 1986 until retirement in 2011. He came there from Greene County, Pennsylvania where he served in the same capacity for ten years, in addition to serving as Chief of Adult and Juvenile Probation and Co-instructor of the DUI School. John had prior experience as a District Executive with the Boy Scouts and as a college instructor in literature at Ohio University, Monmouth College (Illinois), and Waynesburg College. He earned his B.A. at Muskingum College and his M.A. at Ohio University where he was a teaching fellow.

John has been active for many years in child support in Pennsylvania, serving on the board of directors of the Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania, with specific interests in education and public relations. John worked with the board to showcase Pennsylvania's many accomplishments across the state and the nation. He joined ERICSA in 1990 and served as secretary, developing and managing ERICSA's first web site.

As President-Elect, he led a group of dedicated volunteers in the development of the 39th Annual Training Conference in Cincinnati and, as a Past President, continued to serve on the Conference Planning Committee, the Interstate Improvement Committee, and the Technology Committee. Currently, as a Penn State University Adjunct Instructor, he is a member of the faculty of the Pennsylvania Child Support Enforcement Training Institute.

In 2011, John received the Robert S. Stewart Award from the Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania.  In 2012 he was presented the Felix Infausto Award from ERICSA