ERICSA 2019 Paternity Survey Results

The Intergovernmental Improvement Committee of the Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association is pleased to report the findings of the Survey Monkey survey conducted in spring of 2019. The survey was distributed to the IV-D directors of each state, the District of Columbia, and the three US territories of Guam, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. The results are in two documents. First, an Excel workbook with several worksheets with the most detail and the full answer (“Survey Matrix”). After an introduction worksheet, the next three worksheets are the questions, a list of states which should correspond to the same line in each worksheet, and the entire matrix of questions and the states' answers. (This matrix should be most helpful if you are looking to see all of a state's answers.) You can also filter to compare a limited number of states. Finally, there is a worksheet for each question to show all the states' responses. The second document is a .pdf of each question and the answers plotted on the US map (“Survey Map”) for a quick look at all answers, and should be reviewed in conjunction with the Excel workbook.