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Job Posting – Program Manager III – Division Director of Program Policy, Maryland Dept of Human Services



Maryland Department of Human Services – Child Support Administration


311 W. Saratoga StreetBaltimore, MD 21201

Job Description: 

As Division Director of Program Policy this position is responsible for overseeing, reviewing, analyzing, interpreting, developing, and implementing all policy, regulations, legislation, intergovernmental, paternity, communications, data analysis, performance monitoring, grant writing, publications, forms, limited English proficiency, domestic violence, outreach, and training efforts administered by the Child Support Administration (CSA). The position also coordinates CSA press inquiries and public information act requests with DHS Communications. Further, the position is responsible to develop and oversee the design and content of all training through a holistic approach including classroom, web based, video conferencing, workshops, etc. working closely with CSA staff at central, metros (including Baltimore City), and local offices of child support.  THIS POSITION IS TELEWORK ELIGIBLE.

This is a Management Service position and serves at the pleasure of the Appointing Authority. 


Program Policy-Oversees the development, implementation, and maintenance of up-to-date legislation, regulations, policy, and training for all CSA programs. DHS’s child support services include all aspects of the federally mandated and state directed (including specific state statutory and regulatory program requirements) such as, but not limited to: application, case initiation, establishment, genetic testing, child support guideline calculations, impact of child custody orders or arrangements, impact of domestic violence on child support cases, modification and review of adjustment of existing child support orders as it pertains to the impact of child support guidelines, multiple families, additional children, unemployment, poverty, incarceration, drug dependency, prisoner re- entry, right sizing support order initiatives, intergovernmental, and case closure. Interfaces with CSA stakeholders and community partners to accomplish tasks. Oversees the maintenance of a current, accurate, and federally approved state plan and amendments for the Maryland child support program on file with the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement.

Ensures research, evaluation, performance, and data analytics are conducted to enhance and improve central, metro (including Baltimore City) and local office of child support performance to meet federal required metrics, including the production of data, ongoing data collection and analysis, report development, report/grant writing, development and analysis of federal, state, and department data indicators, evolution of the data indicators, and assisting in developing program improvement plans.

Ensures Maryland maintains and implements all laws that are federally required for implementation for the establishment, enforcement and related timeframes. The performance of these tasks requires an expert knowledge of current CSA program policies, requirements, applicability of policy to the realities of business processes and procedures, current welfare reform initiatives occurring in all states, federal regulatory requirements, federal and state legislative requirements, state and local CSA operations, contract processing, cost allocation, general management theory, and the management of change.

Training Development Duties– Oversees the accuracy, currency, and relevancy of centralized training and the deployment of statewide training delivery via a holistic approach to include online, video, audio, webinar, face-to-face, etc. A significant component includes the development of testing models and skills assessment to validate that workers understand and are capable of implementing policies and procedures.

Ascertains and keeps informed of available resources for training, such as training labs or classrooms available for use statewide, availability of video conferencing or web based capability or software, and child support staff with training backgrounds to assist with training delivery. Supervises the training of staff at CSA central and satellite locations, metro (including Baltimore City), and local departments of social services engaged in child support training on program policy and the procedures and skills necessary to administer that policy.

Paternity Establishment Duties– Directs and oversees the Maryland Paternity Affidavit Program. Oversees Affidavit of Paternity training statewide for Maryland hospitals and birthing centers. Directs the provision of outreach statewide to hospitals and birthing centers. Oversees and tracks performance of hospitals and birthing centers responsible for offering affidavits of parentage to unwed mothers. Works with the Maryland Division of Vital Records and University of Maryland School of Social Work to ensure accurate processing of statewide Affidavits of Paternity.

Oversees staff assisting with development and monitoring of programs towards meeting the federal paternity establishment ratio measure of 90 percent. Works with and oversees projects with the Family Investment Administration on Paternity Establishment initiatives towards meeting the 90 percent federally required measure.

Intergovernmental Duties– Directs and oversees Intergovernmental Programs and policy. Ensures Maryland is in compliance with state and federal timelines for processing intergovernmental case inquiries. Ensures accurate and timely communication is provided to other states and the federal government regarding Intergovernmental matters. Oversees Maryland Central Registry and ensures federal regulations/timeframes are met. Ensures all intergovernmental unit staff provide customer service to both internal and external customers that meets or exceeds the standards set by the Department.

Communication, Publication, and Form Duties- Oversees and coordinates with all CSA divisions and DHS offices on the design and development of CSA-related communications, forms, and publications to ensure content accuracy and adherence to federal regulations and state statute or policy. Ensures a standardized statewide focus. Supervises the design of procedures and development of forms for implementation and maintenance of programs. Oversees to ensure consideration of limited English proficiency, translation of text as necessary, and revision and reordering of forms to ensure adequacy of form supplies at the warehouse. Oversees the development of other outreach programs that support CSA’s strategic plans, such as programs to support and assist incarcerated noncustodial parents and veterans’, promote healthy families, etc. 

Other Duties

Handles all supervisory responsibilities including oversight, supervision, and professional development of staff; develop staff to continuously increase knowledge, experience, skills, and abilities that result in behavioral changes that positively and proactively impact the child support program; ensure program managers receive timely evaluations; provide ongoing coaching and mentoring; address any disciplinary actions warranted; and assist in the hiring process.

Represents the Executive Director and/or present at meetings, conferences, etc., usually based on subject matter expertise. Provides information and data necessary for the completion of state and federal reports. Assists with budget preparations for CSA including budget development and modification for areas impacting program development. Identifies best practices and new opportunities to advance CSA’s strategic agenda. Seeks continuous improvements to process and procedures that reduces waste, increases productivity and services, and meets customer needs.

Coordinates frequently with the federal Administration for Families and Children, Office of Child Support Enforcement, both at the national level in Washington D.C. as well as with Region III located in Philadelphia to ensure the Maryland child support program meets all federally mandated requirements. Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education: Possession of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university. 

Experience: Three years of senior management level leadership experience, ideally in some combination of the following areas: Family Law knowledge and Human Services Program Development to include planning, developing, reviewing, analyzing, interpreting, and implementing policy, training, legislation, regulations and communications (internal and external), data analysis and performance metrics/goals. 

Three years of experience working within a Title IV-D Child Support Program (local, state or national level). 

Two years of supervisory experience of management level positions.

Desired or Preferred Qualifications:

Preference will be given to applicants who possess the following preferred qualification(s). Include clear and specific information on your application regarding your qualifications.

  • Possession of a Juris Doctor or Master’s degree in Political Science or a related field from an accredited college or university.
  • Experience analyzing and drafting legislative bills as well as preparing and giving testimony.
  • Experience with Family Law related to child support, including legal and legislation.
  • Experience with quantitative research, grants/grant writing, and government affairs.
  • Experience with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Experience with Servant Leadership in the supervision of management level positions.
  • Strong customer service and outstanding oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to build strategic partnerships across local, state agencies, federal government, profit/non-profit, advocacy and customers.
  • Ability to plan, organize, direct, and manage multiple projects to meet strict deadlines.

How to Apply:


Recruitment # 22-005478-002