2021 ERICSA Intergovernmental Training Event

August 25, 2021

The Eastern Regional Interstate Child Support Association is entering a new phase of training when we host our first virtual Intergovernmental Training Event.  ERICSA’s middle name is “Interstate”, and this is an area that we always concentrate on during our annual conferences. There are so many excellent intergovernmental training sessions we want to share with our members above and beyond what is offered at the annual conference, so we decided to devote an entire day of training to this vital child support topic. It will take place on Wednesday, August 25, 2021, from 10:30 – 4:00 ET.  There will be presentations during three timeslots, two workshops per timeslot, for a total of six sessions  The six tentative workshops are:

  • Intergovernmental Change of Beneficiary
  • International Case Scenarios
  • Improvements in Intergovernmental Case Processing – An Update on the OCSE Grants
  • Intergovernmental Modifications in the Modern World
  • States, Tribes, Countries – a Three Jurisdiction Comparison
  • Intergovernmental Forms: When, Where, Who, Why, How

If you are not an ERICSA member because you are not registered for the annual conference, you can become a member by registering for this event, which is priced at the $25 membership fee. Registration will open May 27th and you will become a member of ERICSA and have access to this training event. ERICSA continues to promote itself as an expert in the field of intergovernmental (interstate, international, tribal, etc.) case processing and legal knowledge, and we believe this first in what we hope will become free annual training in this important area will be something all intergovernmental child support staff and attorneys will look forward to ever year.

Additional information will be available on this website in the coming months.