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ERICSA is pleased to announce the 2018 Felix Infausto Award Winner, Rob Velcoff. Click here for more information on the Felix Infausto Award, Rob Velcoff and past winners. 

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ERICSA is pleased to announce the 2018 Professional Excellence Award Winners

  • Michael Dippold, PA, Manager/Supervisor Professional

  • Amy Klus, MI, Intergovernmental Child Support Professional

  • Kimberly Crossen, PA, Frontline Child Support Professional




The winners for the 2018 ERICSA Scholarship are:

The Florida Winner is: Cheri Wright from Orlando, Florida
The At-Large Winner is: Julianne K. Bailey from  Cleveland, Mississippi

Congratulations to the both of you and to all our applicants who demonstrated again the passion and devotion child support workers have for their profession!! The ERICSA family welcomes you to Daytona Beach!

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Mr. Scott M. Lekan has been appointed as the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement’s Commissioner. Mr. Lekan brings a unique mix of state-level leadership and a law enforcement background. He held leadership positions in Arizona – in the child support service office, and the aging and adult services office, at the Arizona Department of Economic Security. During his law enforcement career, he was patrol commander and lieutenant in the Peoria, Arizona, police department; and before that, a sergeant in the Glendale, Arizona, police department. 

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Rob Velcoff wins the Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania (DRAP) 2016 President’s Award. The President’s Award is bestowed on someone who is not an employee of the Domestic Relations Office but has made a significant impact on the area of child support. Rob is from the New York State Division of Child Support Enforcement, where he has worked for over 26 years. Rob is responsible for all interstate policy and program issues, and is recognized expert in child support issues, as evidenced by his extensive appearances at multiple conferences. Rob served as the President of ERICSA in 2011. Please join us in congratulating Rob!